What is Space Station Continuum?

Space Station Continuum is a tycoon-alike building & management game set against the evolution of the human Space Program.

A busy Space Station with visiting Space Capsules
A busy Space Station with visiting Space Capsules

Beginning in the 1970’s, Space Station Continuum puts you in charge of your very own state-of-the-art, government-funded space station. You’ll design and launch new modules, manage power generation and heat dissipation, direct research into new technologies and more. All while your astronauts conduct experiments, produce goods, eat, drink, breathe, sleep, and exercise – as long as your station can provide everything they need!

Astronaut on Treadmill
It’s important to keep your Astronauts fit and healthy!

As the years go by, new technologies, improved equipment, and more modern design styles will become available for purchase or research. With time, effort, and good planning, your station will become less and less reliant on supply shipments from Earth – eventually becoming entirely self sufficient. Which is useful! Because those government subsidies won’t last forever…

Will your station survive the Space Station Continuum?