Dev Blog #5 – New Year, New Modules

Happy New Year!

We begin 2018 having some brand new Station Module variants to share.

Here they are in action:

A super fast time-lapse of Space Station construction.
A super fast time-lapse of Space Station construction.

Those lines you see streaking across the upper atmosphere are the Command Modules launching and re-entering.

Progression in Space Station Continuum is separated into Eras. Each Era has its own technologies, challenges, and design styles. All of the new Modules featured here are inspired by real space station hardware of the past (and present). Each Module has a unique interior and matching Corner Module for 90-degree attachments.

Let’s begin with the first Module you’ll start with in the game. Its design is inspired by Skylab. Skylab was NASA’s first space station, launched in 1973 and de-orbited in 1979. You’ll need to look after yours to make it a bit more permanent!

Here’s Skylab as it looked in 1973:

Skylab in 1973. Image by NASA

And here’s how Skylab Era Modules will look in the game:

A Skylab Era Module
A Skylab Era Module

And here’s a bonus image with a Skylab Era Solar Array:

Skylab Era Module with deployed Solar Array
Skylab Era Module with deployed Solar Array

Next up, the Soviet Era. Mir, launched by the Soviet Union in 1986, was the first modular space station to be assembled in orbit. Pictures of Mir in the 80’s are hard to come by, but here’s how it looked in 1998:

Mir in 1998, taken during STS-89. Image by NASA.
Mir in 1998, taken during STS-89. Image by NASA

Here’s how your Soviet Era modules will look in-game:

A Soviet Era Module
A Soviet Era Module

As you can see, we’ve taken a bit of artistic license here to Russian-it-up a bit. Hopefully it will be clear why after seeing the next Era:

The Shuttle Era. Despite its many issues, the Space Shuttle was undoubtedly a revolution in the capabilities of space station construction. So much became possible that simply couldn’t be done before, and this was a very exciting time in spaceflight history. We’ll cover what that means in-game in future updates, but for now let’s take a look at the Shuttle Era Modules you’ll be launching.

These Modules have been heavily inspired by Zarya – the first module of the International Space Station.

Zarya as seen in 1998. Image by NASA.
Zarya as seen in 1998. Image by NASA

You may notice that Zarya bears a striking resemblance to many of Mir’s modules, hence the artistic Russian-ifying of those Modules in-game. Here’s the Zarya-inspired Shuttle Era Modules:

A Shuttle Era Module
A Shuttle Era Module

And finally (for now), the International Era.

The International Space Station stands (or flies) as a monument to the previously unseen level of international scientific collaboration that created it, and continues to support it. Modules, robot arms, experiments, and resupply vehicles from all over the world have contributed to building the single most expensive object ever created by humans.

The International Era will bring lots of exciting new equipment and activities to Space Station Continuum, and the Modules you’ll be launching are inspired by some of the later modules that make up the ISS. Specifically, the Destiny Laboratory Module.

Destiny seen during installation in 2001
Destiny seen during installation in 2001. Image by NASA

Here’s how the International Era Modules look in-game:

An International Era Module
An International Era Module

I’m incredibly happy with how all of these have turned out, but personally this one is my favorite! What do you think? What pieces of space history would you like to see featured in Space Station Continuum?

See you in the next update for more exciting developments!


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